Constitution of the SPIDIR Organisation


·          to increase the awareness of Spiritual Direction and its value in everyday life.


            ·          to offer training of spiritual direction to suitable candidates

            ·          to prepare suitable members as Course Leaders

            ·          to refer applicants to Spiritual Directors

            ·          to hold an AGM

            ·          to encourage, support and provide supervision and continual development for Spi/Dirs

            ·         promote and publicise the work of SPIDIR

Membership of the Committee & Officers:

            ·          committee will be made up of 12 members

            ·          Chairperson will be elected by AGM

            ·          new members will be elected each year at the AGM as required

            ·         each term of office will be for 3 years

            ·          each term of office is renewable once and then the committee member shall stand down from the committee for 1year so that another is elected in their place.

            ·          the committee may co-opt extra members to the committee to further its work

            ·          the committee will elect members of the committee to the roles of Deputy Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Secretary, Referrals Secretary and other posts as required


            ·          there will be 3 committee meetings a year plus

            ·          an AGM with Annual Address

            ·         a Refresher Day

            ·          plus the occasional extra meeting to discuss some special subject requiring serious attention at length

Annual General Meeting:

            ·         this will occur in the summer term of each year

            ·          accounts will be presented

            ·          the Chairperson will be elected at this meeting.

            ·          new committee members will be elected at this meeting as necessary

            ·          a summary of the year will be given

(Proposed amendment – AGM 2013:  add to the Objectives –

            ·               “to promote the continuing development, support and supervision of Spiritual Directors.”)