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SPIDIR referral - enquiry form

  • Please copy, paste and fill in the form below or to open it as an attachment click the link below.   

SPIDIR referral request  (confidential)  




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Phone            We will ring to discuss your referral request: please indicate which you would prefer us to use

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Church attended:


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How did you come to contact SPIDIR?



What would you hope to get from Spiritual direction - what are you looking for?




Have you had a spiritual director or companion before?

Tell us something about your experience



What are your interests outside your working life? 





Are there things that specially interest you in the areas of theology/ spirituality/ ministry/ prayer?         





Please outline anything else that might help us:






Do you have preferences as to the Spiritual companion you would like to see?

Male/ Female:                                   Ordained/ Lay:


We are an ecumenical – directors/companions come from a broad spectrum of church life

How important to you is the church background/ denomination of your director?

If it is important, please specify:   



How and how far can you travel?  

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spidir committee,
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