Finding a Spiritual Director

SPIDIR believes that everyone would benefit from having someone to talk to three or four times a year about their journey to and with God, and about their deepest values and experiences. 
We are 
an informal ecumenical Christian network based in the Anglican Diocese of Southwark, offering support in and around London.
  • People who would like to receive spiritual direction can contact the SPIDIR Referral Team for help in finding someone suitable.
  • This service is free but contributions to the special fund would be welcomed to support training ( see below).
  • We do not offer counselling.

There are different ways of finding a Spiritual Director:

  • It may be that you already know someone who you find easy to talk to - it is worth having a word and seeing if they are able to meet you regularly for spiritual direction. 
  • Or it might be that a third party, maybe a friend or someone at church, could recommend somebody to you.
  • If these possibilities do not apply, you can approach SPIDIR and we will try to help. When you have completed the referral form online, one of the referral team will contact you, and you will have a conversation during which we try to find out what sort of person would be helpful for you at this moment. These are often very interesting conversations and the joy of this task lies in 'meeting' so many fascinating people!

The actual work of finding the most appropriate director for somebody is currently done by a Referral group made up of past and present SPIDIR Course leaders - between us, we know most of the people who have passed through the courses and we each bring that knowledge to bear. Hoping that the resulting relationship will be a fruitful one we do all we can to choose the right person, taking time and care rather than just picking a name at random from a list.

Many people ask about our fees. As a matter of policy, SPIDIR does not charge for Spiritual Direction. Many people do want to offer payment, and we have set up a special fund into which such payments can be made - this fund enables discretionary grants to be offered towards the initial or ongoing training of our directors.  Enquiries can be made to the Hon treasurer  Chris Dowlen.

Spiritual direction for other areas of the UK
If you live in other parts of the UK we are pleased to be able to tell you that the following people have expressed willingness to advise you about finding a spiritual mentor or adviser or director. The areas relate to Anglican Dioceses (in alphabetical order) but the ethos of SPIDIR and of the colleagues mentioned below is ecumenical. If there is no name below for your Diocese, you can check your Diocesan Website and see if Spiritual Direction is mentioned.
All the people on the list have given us their permission to publish their details on the SPIDIR website. If you do contact any of the people on this list please make it clear that you have been referred to them from SPIDIR through this website.

Bath and Wells
Revd. Sister Sue Berry

Pauline Waters 
tel. 01622 743 392 

Linda Patient

Elaine Noonan
tel. 01424 426589

Cambridge & Ely
Revd. Andrew McKearney
Good Shepherd Vicarage,
51 Highworth Avenue
Cambridge, CB4 2BQ
tel. 01223 351844

Val Brewer

Rev'd Pauline Green
01454 311936

Diana Tear
tel. 01372 812912

Revd. Dorothy Nicholson
email: nicholsonda@btopenworld

Pam Frier
tel. 01604 635853

Rachel Benson
tel. 01653 688296