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Membership of SPIDIR is open to all who are interested, no training or involvement required.

Membership of SPIDIR is nationwide, even international. The annual subscription is £10. Members receive the termly newsletter and any other relevant material including invitations to our events. The subscription year runs from January to December.

What to become a SPIDIR member?

If you would like to become a member of SPIDIR, click the button to apply.

For a new Spiritual Director

SPIDIR believes that everyone would benefit from having someone to talk to three or four times a year about their journey to and with God, and about their deepest values and experiences. For more detail see Finding a Spiritual Director.

If you would like SPIDIR to help you find a director please click here.

Please note: SPIDIR is run by volunteers. Our email account is not checked daily, but we will aim to respond within a week.